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The basic idea of Lens-protect is to provide maximum protection for the photo equipment. It is a neoprene lense protection, camera bodies against adverse effects. Since the beginning Lens-protect is purely Czech product which is continuously worked on and beeing improved. Lens protect is a response to all needs of every user of photo equipment, who travells for his shots to a very difficult terrains and exteriors. The main emphasis was placed on production to protect lenses and camera bodies against dust, water, sun, humidity, sand, snow, freeze or mechanical abrasion. That is why the Lens-protect is made of one piece of material with minimum of join. It achieves a maximum tightness.

Lens-protect-LENS – Tightly encircles the lens barrel. Lens protect consists of a sleeve and a separate sealing ring. The separate sealing ring is to be used in extreme conditions to overlay the transition between the body and its own lens. When replacing the lens just put the ring back on the body of the camera and the bayonet socket stays clean without dust pieces. With long solid lenses it is segmented to a more pieces. 1.piece:Sun visor- this part covers the whole sun visor and exceeds about 30 mm over the body. 2 piece: The body of the camera- covers the whole body from the screw tread of the sun visor to the tripod mount. 3.piece: The end of the lens- covering the tripod socket to mount. This piece exceeds about 20 mm over the body of the camera and it has a hole for the tripod thorn. Thank to this design it is possible to rotate the tripod. Switch stabilizers and focus modes can be reached after rolling up the Lens protect. For solid lanses which have integrated sun visor is the first and second piece combined in one and covers the entire front of the lense. When taking off the sun visor the Lens cover has to roll up like accordeon. We can also make a Lens protect for the cameras made of one piece of lens. In this case you need to roll up the tailpiece while puting on the sun visor and than you can reach the switch for stabilizers.


Lens-protect-ZOOM-LENS – 1 piece: part tightly encircles the lens barrel from thread of a sun visor to tripod mount. 2 piece: covering the tripod socket to mount, this part exceeds 20 mm over the body and has a hole for the tripod thorn. Thank to this design it is possible to rotate the tripod. It consists of a custom sleeve for the lens barrel, tailpiece and sealing ring. The separate saeling ring is to be used in extreme conditions to overlay the transition between the body and its own lens. The self-sleeve ensures maximum of protection when changing the bayonet glass. Sealing ring overlaps the transition between the body and the bodyś own lens. The users who prefer manual focus have the option of ordering MF-manual focus. They will get the first piece made of two pieces so they can still do the manual focus . We are also able to make Lens protect without a tripod socket. In this case you need to roll up the tailpiece and than you will be able to reach the switch for stabilizers.




Lens-protect-BODY – It comes in two variants. Lens protect BODY and Lens protect BODY+ GRIP/battery grip/ i tis a separate neoprene sleeve to put on the own body of the camera. I tis primarly designed for protection of the body against the adverse conditions as is increased dust, drizzle or freeze. I tis made of elastic neoprene so it tightly encircles the body of the camera. The end is made of the rubber edge so it does not fall of the body. The rear of the Lens protect is made of transparent mica through which can be seen the rear of the camera. To operate the camera there is a hole for the right tumb, so you can operate and switch the buttons. According to the type of camera is the product made with one or two visors for LCD and control buttons. To control the round program selector you will need to roll up the Protect lens. As well as to eject the interna lor using external flash. For continuous use of flash you can cut a hole in it. We reccommend to put on the Lens protect and leave it to mold for about 12 hours since is neoprene and needs to adjust to the camera. After adjusting you will need to cut a vista orbit part with a very sharp scissors. For medium size series DLSR it is good enough an oval or circular vista. In the profesional series such is Canon 1D and Nikon 4D,3 DX where the orbit performs considerably it is appropriate to take off the eyepiece cut a hole in mica and than put back the eyepiece. Another adjustment needed is to cut a hole for thumbwheel. You will ned to cut a small hole above the thumbweel and than strech out a little bit. A lot of users use uncomfortable straps that rubs the neck. In this case you need to cut it in the the Lens protection and strech the strap. The best and most comfortable is to use Lens protect LOOP.


Lens-protect-FLASH – It puts on the flash body. Protects against mechanical damage, gives termal insulation to the flash so it extends the battery life.


Lens-protect-CAP – For fixed lenses, circular cap fitted cuffes and elastic drawstring.


Lens-protect-LOOP – Suspension system for DLSR- this systém replaces the original suspension systém supplied by the manufacturer. Lens protect LOOP provides maximum flexibility at work with the camera obtaining secure and comfortable fit. Ideal suspension systém for all-day wear and active sport such is riding bicycle or skiing. The entire suspension system consists of a padded shoulder patch, quality rope, steinless steal ring, locking carabiner, quality strength strap. This strap is put into standard mounts ,concludes with counter-node. This node provides maximum connectivity and ensures the possibility of rotation.


Lens-protect-TRIPOD-MONOPOD – These are neoprene tubings for tripod and monopod legs. Ideal solution for protection form freeze and mechanical damage.


Lens-protect-HOLSTER – Neoprene covers for telephones, notebooks, radios and tablets.


Lens-protect-EXTENDER – This is to protect the converter. Is manufactured from one piece sleeve, which is about 25 mm longer so it can cover lens.


All standart product lines are made from a high quality neoprene, black inside and the facing side is black with printings. Properties of the material consists of thermal insulating layer, a top protective fabric. Material with this composition loose fitting photographic equipment and protects against mechanical abrasion, also acts as a protection against water and freeze. In case of rain the material acts like a sponge. The outer material absorbs water, but will not release to own photo equipment . This material acts as a protection against frost and heat also. Experience has shown that when shooting in freezing outdoors the camera would make unwanted condensate. Lens protect solves this problem. In opposite conditions showed that long black lenses are often overheated in the tubes, point cease to sharpen. Lens protect solves even this problem.Lens protect was originally developed as a protection for proffesional photo-equipment to the extreme conditions. At this moment in time, rather proved the necessity of the protection system for the basic and middle row of DLSR and its lenses which are not adequately protected. Standart version is 001 BLACK/GREA PRINT . It can be used on both sides with the print or just black. For joining custom parts, a special thread is used to prevent chafing.

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